Philips 6000K Ultinon D1S ( Flash White)


These bulbs are true Philips Ultinon series made in Germany (NOT CHINESE imitation you can find for USD $90) with part# '85410WX' in original retail packaging.
These can be used as upgrade replacements for vehicles that came with D1S HID lighting system.

As many automotive enthusiasts are already aware of, PHILIPS 6000K HID bulb is known for 1 of best quality in terms of lighting output, color, and reliability among many other aftermarket brand 6000K bulbs and that is what makes 'PHILIPS Ultinon series special'.
** Please note that 6000K light would give white w/purplish blueish hue, which is far better color than the stock 4300K but it is NOT brighter than the stock 4300K.


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